Centerpiece Focal Point Layouts
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Following are a few examples of how Decorative Relief, Moulding and Field tile may be combined as focal point centerpieces for a kitchen backsplash or fireplace. Designing a tile layout is very straight forward with all tile sizes being modular. Any tile may be arranged in any configuration using a 3/16" grout joint.
If you would like a different color scheme, you are certainly not limited to only what is shown; any tile may be glazed in any color or color combination pictured anywhere on any tile on the website.

Cypress Trees Layout
Centerpiece 61 - Cypress Trees
size: 18"h x 24"w
Centerpiece 62
Centerpiece 62 - Tree of Life, Virginia Creeper
size: 20"h x 22"w
Centerpiece 63
Centerpiece 63 - 4" Ginkgoes
size: 14"h x 28"w
Centerpiece 64
Centerpiece 64 - Tree of Life, Sparkleberries
size: 16"h x 20"w
Centerpiece 65
Centerpiece 65 - Briar Rabbits, Lupin
size: 12"h x 28"w
Centerpiece 1301
Centerpiece 1301 - Oak Trees with Twining Vines Frame
size: 12"h x 22"w
Centerpiece 66
Centerpiece 66 - Oak Trees, Leaf Triad, Small Leaf, Twining Vines
size: 20"h x 32"w
Centerpiece 67
Centerpiece 67 - Oak Trees, Cypress Trees
size: 12"h x 32"w
Centerpiece 68
Centerpiece 68 - Lupins
size: 12"h x 20"w
Centerpiece 611
Centerpiece 611 - Ginkgoes
size: 16"h x 28"w
Centerpiece 617
Centerpiece 617 - Ginkgoes
size: 18"h x 28"w
Centerpiece 619
Centerpiece 619 - Lotus Pods, Lotus Cameo, Lotus Leaf
size: 24"h x 24"w
Centerpiece 620
Centerpiece 620 - Lotus Pods, Lotus Leaf, Water Pattern
size: 12"h x 14"w
Centerpiece 621
Centerpiece 621 - Water Patterns
size: 10"h x 16"w
Centerpiece 622
Centerpiece 622 - Lotus Pods
size: 20"h x 20"w
Centerpiece 629
Centerpiece 629 - Fish
size: 16"h x 32"w
Centerpiece 634
Centerpiece 634 - Oak Tree
size: 12"h x 16"w
Centerpiece 635
Centerpiece 635 - Cypress Tree
size: 16"h x 16"w
Centerpiece 636
Centerpiece 636 - Egrets
size: 14"h x 16"w
Centerpiece 1305
Centerpiece 1305 - Framed Lotus
size: 12"h x 12"w
Centerpiece 1313
Centerpiece 1313 - Leaf Triad Diagonal
size: 16"h x 28"w
Centerpiece 1309
Centerpiece 1309 - Briar Rabbits, Sparkleberry and Fiddlehead
size: 12"h x 24"w
Centerpiece 1311
Centerpiece 1311 - 4x8 Ginkgoes
size: 12"h x 24"w
Centerpiece 1304
Centerpiece 1304 - Leaf Triads and Twining Vines
size: 14"h x 20"w
Centerpiece 1310
Centerpiece 1310 - Oak Trees and Palmetto
size: 12"h x 26"w
Centerpiece 1303
Centerpiece 1303 - Blossoming Lotus
size: 12"h x 12"w
Centerpiece 1306
Centerpiece 1306 - Floating Lotus and Blossoming Lotus
size: 12"h x 12"w
Centerpiece 1401
Centerpiece 1401 - Wisteria Cathedral Vignette
size: 20"h x 20"w