Design Ideas
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We have tried to make designing with Terra Firma tile as easy as possible. Since the actual size of the tile is 3/16 inch less than the stated nominal size to include space for a 3/16 inch grout joint (i.e. 4x4 field is actually 3-13/16 x 3-13/16), using a grid pattern like graph paper to layout the installation is very straight forward. Design to the full inch and the grout joint takes care of itself.

All tile sizes are also modular, ranging in size from 1x1 to 8x8. They can be mixed at will and still maintain the 3/16" grout space. If a non-standard size field tile is needed, simply order the next largest size, specify the size required and the standard size can be cut down to fit. (We prefer to special cut to size before the tile is glazed so that all edges will be consistent.)

Any flat field tile edge may be bullnosed or edge glazed. All decorative relief and moulding tile have all edges glazed automatically. If a field tile edge will be exposed, such as on the tile surrounding a firebox opening, specify either edge glazing or bullnosing for that edge.

Email us a copy of your design layout. We would be glad to look it over for possible problems and offer suggestions if needed.